Book Cover for “I Remembered”

This was a difficult cover to design. The author, Kristene E. Friday (pseudonym), whose book will be published through Culicidae Press, was sexually abused as a child but suppressed the memories until she was forty-nine years old and had a breakdown. In the text she describes her emotional state vividly, and based on some of the mental images I put together a collage of relevant photographs to create the cover.

Client: Culicidae Press, LLC

Book Cover Design for Joseph D. Reich

Version 1

For Hog Press we were tasked to design a book cover for a book by Vermont-based author Joseph D. Reich’s intriguingly titled How To Order Chinese During A Hostage Crisis: Dialects, Existential Essays, A Play, And Other Poems, to be published this summer.

I prefer the red one but the author had his eye on the one with the drawing, no doubt in part because his son did the drawing;–) The third version shows one of the last Robert Taylor homes being destroyed in Chicago a few years ago while I was driving to Michigan with an old friend from Hyde Park.

Client: Hog Press and author Joseph D. Reich

Logo for ACSF

An unsolicited job. Working on the keynote speaker posters for the ACS 9 Forum at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, I noticed the lack of a logo for the organizer, the Architecture, Culture, and Spirituality Forum. With a weekend coming up, and a little bit of time on my hand, I created the following logo versions. We’ll see if the ACSF board agrees on one of these…

Version 05 is based on one of the Fisk drawings of the Mississippi. The others utilize various images of cloth. It seemed to me that combining architecture, culture, and spirituality requires a weaving of sorts, an over and under of threads that link and interlink different disciplines.

Client: Architecture, Culture, and Spirituality Forum (

ACS Forum Posters

Annie Finch Lecture Poster

Here are four posters (drafts) we designed for the keynote speakers that will present their ideas at the ACS 9 Forum on Deer Isle in Maine during the 2017 symposium from the 14th through the 18th of May. Nothing fancy, just straightforward typography, some logo design (ACSF), and blurred backgrounds, modded from media by the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts on Deer Isle.

Client: Architecture, Culture, and Spirituality Forum (

Poster for Women Composers’ Festival

For the 21st International Festival of Women Composers which will take place in Ames, Iowa this year, we just completed the design for the main poster. It comes in two sizes, one 24 inches x 36 inches, and a smaller one (12 inches x 18 inches) that will be given to the individual performers on the day of the concerts.

This year, based on the instruments that will be featured during the performances, we used abstracted representations of a harpsichord (red), an oboe (orange), a pipe organ (yellow), a piano (green), voice (blue), trumpet (indigo), violin (violet), in order to show off the wide range (roygbiv) of the performances. Following the identity of Iowa State University, which is one of the co-sponsors this year, the fonts are limited to ITC Berkeley and Univers.

The background is a rather blurry detail of a photograph showing Helen Keller holding hands with Ann Sullivan.