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Walking from Studio to Car

File under Observation

From my fourth-year architecture studio, located currently in the Communications building north of the Armory on the Iowa State University campus, I’m walking at the end of the day past the construction site of the Student Innovation Center which is going up north of Hoover and south of Sweeney (for more info on the building going up see

Now that we’re moving closer to the shortest day (December 21), my experience after studio happens as the sun has already set but the sky is still light toward the west.

For the photograph below I stopped, briefly, to capture the contrast between crane, the old water tower, and the already existing Hoover Hall. Then I moved on.

Drawing Updates

What I See in Front of Me

Waiting in the waiting room at McFarland Clinic for a routine consultation. A chair for large health care customers (I think that’s what hospitals call them…). Digital drawing.

6" x 9" Book Cover Book Design Graphic Design Updates

New Cover for Ben Jacks’ Book

Working on an updated cover for Ben Jacks’ forthcoming book A House and its Atmosphere via Culicidae Architectural Press with a blurb by David Leatherbarrow, Professor and Chair of the Graduate Group in Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania.

Client: Culicidae Architectural Press

Project: Book Cover

Book Cover Book Design Graphic Design Updates

Final Cover Design for Transatlantic Trio Book

Here’s the final design for Richard Brantley’s forthcoming book Transatlantic Trio – Empiricism, Evangelicalism, Romanticism: Essays and Reviews 1074-2017, to be published by Culicidae Press in early 2017.

Initially we used the image of a weaving shuttle (which we may still use for the hardback version) to connect the interweaving and textual approach of Brantley’s writing, but after conferring with the author he thought that something moving forward rather than only going back and forth might be more appropriate. After discussing some ideas about seesaws—which of course only go up and down rather than forward—and yo-yos (again, only up-and-down motion), I suggested a railroad handcar. These now outmoded but once quite popular conveyances are propelled forward by an up-and-down motion of their seesaw handle bars, and they work most efficiently when worked by at least two people, something that fit the author’s both/and approach in the book.

Rather than use an empty handcar we opted for one that holds all the characters Brantley writes about in Transatlantic Trio. Below is an image of the cover page with the names identifying the other authors. From left to right they are Locke, Wesley, Edwards, Blake, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Keats, Dickinson, Shelley, Byron, Carlyle, Tennyson, and Emerson.

The source for the character’s bodies comes from old photographs showing railroad crew on handcars, and the writers’ heads were collaged on top of the workers’ bodies. The handcar itself, a Sheffield No. 1 comes from page 5 of the Sheffield Hand Cars-Push Cars Bulletin 105F from 1917, printed by Fairbanks, Morse & Co.

Stay tuned for an update of the hardback version;–)


Book Cover Book Design Graphic Design Updates

New Cover Design Drafts for Transatlantic Trio Book


Handcar Cover Draft 1

Here are a few new cover designs for Richard Brantley’s forthcoming book Transatlantic Trio (Culicidae Press). The designs are based on railroad handcars that were used during the nineteenth- and early twentieth century to shuttle railroad workers between their worksite and their home base. Early handcars used a manually operated oscillating arm connected to an eccentric drive to propel the device. That’s why the image of a handcar seems more appropriate than the shuttle (although I may change my mind later on) since the handlebars not only move up and down on both sides but the whole car moves forward (or backward, as the case may be). Rather than have the handcar as an empty platform I decided to add some of the characters from Brantley’s book by pasting their faces on a number of railroad workers I found on images at

Handcar Cover Draft 2

Updates Website Design

Website update

Currently working on transferring from a responsive but still quite cumbersome structure to a new responsive WordPress theme. This will be slow-going given all the other projects currently on the boards, but it should be worth it…